I'm a software tester and scuba instructor. I write occasionally; topics are known to include diving, travel and photography. Testing and technology topics are covered at My Technology Fetish. A few more things including search are hidden on the right.

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Winning the #KaepernickingWorldwide Contest

In July of last year my then-girlfriend and I spent three weeks traveling mostly around the Philippines with a few days in Hong Kong and Singapore. We made the most of our trip to Singapore when we randomly stayed one night at the Marina Bay Sands hotel. (When I say… 

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Guilt about not buying music

Ever feel guilty about not buying music? I don’t mean stealing, torrenting or other ways of not paying for music. I mean the guilt of not directly paying for an artists work (song, album, video, whatever) in this day of song and video streaming. Maybe guilt is the wrong word…. 

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Your mind is software and your body is a shell…

Love this saying from @bgmasters "Your mind is software. Program it. Your body is a shell. Change it." — Chris Kenst (@ckenst) September 18, 2014 The full quote from Blake Master‘s is: Your mind is software. Program it. Your body is a shell. Change it. Death is a disease. Cure it…. 

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My Medium

According to Google a medium is “a means by which something is communicated or expressed.” I suppose I have multiple mediums when you include social media like Google+ and Twitter but I also have this personal site and a technology / testing / software called My Technology Fetish. Classifying this site as my “main” medium… 

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Closing the Agoura Office – A Slideshow

It was bound to happen. When we transitioned from Conversive to Avaya, Avaya wanted us to move but after one coworker quit they were worried everyone would jump ship if they pushed the office closure. Now that we are 1.5 years after the transition they don’t seem to care. The few… 

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Freedom of the Road

Some nights I dream of hitting the open road on a motorcycle, crossing every state, sleeping where and when I need. Then I work as a freelance programmer, tester and general builder of awesome tech. In my spare time I’m a photographer. Somewhere in between I write and explore the… 

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New Open Water Materials

Just received my new Open Water materials (for the 2014 update) from PADI as part of a “Start Up Pack” that contains: OW Prescriptive Lesson Guides OW DVD Confined Water Slates Open Water Slates The latest OW Manual Quizzes & Exam booklet Exam answer keys I’m looking forward to teaching… 

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Michael Crabtree

Meeting Crabtree

We were at SFO flying back to Los Angeles when we spotted him. The girl is a big Michael Crabtree fan; shame she didn’t have her Jersey. We got the next best thing, photos: I told Crabtree he’s better than Sherman. As any fan would. Let’s hope Crab stays with… 

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Tahoe 150k miles featured

Tahoe @ 150,000 Miles

Last weekend we traveled to San Francisco via Stockton to check wedding Venues and on the way home the Tahoe passed the 150,000 mile mark: I’ve put quite a few miles on it over the years and I’m happy to say its running great. I think when I bought it… 

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Grandma Melva Kammerer’s Obituary

A little more than a month ago my last grandparent Melva passed away at the ripe age of 92. Grandma Melva and Grandpa Ed lived pretty close to our house growing up so my sister and I spent quite a bit of time hanging out at their house. As kids up… 

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