Just got back

From a week long vacation. I took a Cruise with my family to Mexico – a nice 7 day Cruise on the Diamond Princess. It was fun, just a little too long for my tastes. I’m not used to just sitting back and doing nothing. Besides the club sucked because there were just too many old people and there weren’t nearly enough things to do to keep me occupied.

The stops in Mexico were fun. I SCUBA dived in Puerto Vallarta, where the water was 86 degrees with about 30+ ft of vis. It was an amazing time. I spent the entire day in the water, swimming around rocks and through schools of fish. The next day was Mazatlan – not that great, wasn’t really much to do, plus it was very very hot. The 100% humidity + 95 degree weather was unbearable. The third day ashore was Cabo San Lucas. This was a great place, I wish we had more time there. I went ATV riding with my dad in the desert; so much fun! Whipping around at about 40 mph around dunes and hills; trees snapping at your helmet… ahh so much fun! I only wish I would have been able to SCUBA dive as well!

All in all it was a good trip, but next time I think I will just take the time and fly down to each location instead of being on a cruise ship! Now back to work!!!