So how many toys are enough? Everyone has their own toys – whether its cars, gadgets, or some collectables – but how much is really enough. For a guy, who likes electronics I would like to say I have at least one of the main staples. iPod, Laptops (2), Servers (2), XBOX 360 with all the fixings, Flash Drive(s), Blogs, Websites, LCD and Plasma TVs, Stereo systems, external hard drives, Treo 650 PDA/Cell Phone, etc… I’m probably forgetting a ton of stuff that I use on a regular basis and take forgranted. Anyways I’m getting to the point where I’m trying to watch the amount of Toys I accumulate.

As I look at my old(er) Apple iPod Video, 30GB, I’m wondering if its time for a new one, perhaps this time in black. I’m also wondering if I should purchase a BOSE iPod doc station. My roommate Dave just purchased one and its pretty sweet. I don’t want to do it just to copy him, but the music sound is so great it’s just tempting me. I can’t say that I really listen to music very much on the iPod, afterall I listen to most of the music through my computer sound system which is quite nice as is. Plus, as soon as its available, I’m thinking of getting a new Treo or Blackberry.

So many toys available, how can we ever be satisfied?