So I’ve had an HD DVD Player for a few months now, the problem (among the many in a new format war) is that there really aren’t that many movies to choose from. Well that and the fact each DVD costs about 30 bucks. But with Netflix I can just watch the movies and return them. I feel like I have the best movie available, for a high definition dvd that is, and that’s King Kong. The best movies to watch on HD are going to be movies with great action and/or special effects. What good is watching movies like The Breakup, or Oceans 12 on HD DVD? It looks the exact same as on a regular DVD!

Truthfully the only reason I have an HD DVD player is because it works on my Xbox 360. Otherwise there is no way I would fork out money for one of those expensive machines.. Wait a minute.. Didn’t the porn industry just say they were supporting HD DVD now?.. I take back this entire blog! hahaha