I’m a Rescue Diver!

Saturday started out very good. Ryan and I headed over to Leo Carrillo beach and we started diving around 9:00 am. The first dive we had was to search and recover two unconscious divers underwater and once at the surface, begin rescue breathing to resuscitate them. Using my excellent navigation abilities we found our two unconscious divers within 4 minutes, brought them to the surface and began providing rescue breaths. Meanwhile the other two divers couldn’t locate their unconscious victims and had to start over from the beginning.

The second dive was just as fun as the first. It was probably around 11:00 my buddy and I did a navigation dive through a Kelp Forest right about 30 ft from the beach. The water had a bit of surge to it and very poor visibility (5 ft) but despite all that it was a great dive. It was pretty cool because the sun was blocked by the kelp, but just enough sunlight was able to get through, that it made the water an orange red. Plus there was a ton of life and rock formations / caverns in the Kept Forest! Once we surfaced, we finished our buddy rescue breathing and even practiced carrying people out of the water. Of the 4 people in the rescue class, my buddy was probably the largest (tallest), but I picked him up on my shoulders anyway and carried him out of the water. (Nearby onlookers got a great show as people were being carried out of the water to the surface. ) Then again I performed CPR / rescue breathing and provided the victim with oxygen. After that I was finished and was given the title and certification of Rescue Diver!