DM Tests

Last night I took my Dive Master Tests (all 8 of them) and I just knew I needed more time. I contemplated calling and saying I couldn’t make it (which half of our 4 person class did) but I decided to suck it up and take the tests anyways. I really wanted to get more review done. I had only finish the workbook the day before and I hadn’t gone back to review any of the Physics material or much of the material for that matter. Needless to say I failed 2 of the 8 tests. Not bad, but the one test that I really wanted to pass – Physics – I failed by getting a 70% (the minimum is a 75%). I found the physics material to be much more interesting than any other part of the book / material. Oh well I guess I have some extra time now to make sure I do pass it the second time around.

The only other classmate of mine to show up failed 3 tests, including the Physics test and going in I knew that would be the hardest test, still I was disappointed!

Tomorrow we are going diving at Leo Carrillo and on Sunday we are heading back out to Zuma beach. Should be fun to get in a few more dives. Now that I know how to use my eRDP I should probably start writing / keeping the information in my Dive Log accurate and up to date! I also took the opportunity to put some of the dive material on my hand held for easy reference. Thanks for Acrobat Reader for palm! We are most of the way through the class now, we only have to finish a few dives and then do our “final” confined water presentations to prove we have mastered our 20 skills (demonstration quality).