300 & the iPhone

The movie 300 comes out today on HD DVD and I’m thinking about running over to pick it up. The movie itself was such a visual masterpiece and I think owning it on HD DVD is a great idea! I will probably head to Thousand Oaks when I’m done with work to get it; that and I need to go over to Sports Chalet and pick up a book and PIC card for an upcoming class.

* * * * *

I’ve been tempted to try a new music service latey ( I personally think iTunes is crap). It’s a slow, bulky software program and I literally cringe each time I have to start it. Last time I checked there was a bug in iTunes, where if you locked your screen it would crash the entire program! So I’ve decided to try out the Zune Marketplace. My roommate uses and swears by it for his Zune player and I have to say after watching him find the albums he wants and literally downloading all the songs / albums he wants with ease, it makes you contemplate why more people aren’t willing to spend $15 a month to have access to it. I just wish I could use it with my iPod! That seems to be my biggest problem with Apple – you can’t use any other system to move music back and forth to the iPod and/or use another company’s music service. Don’t they understand that even with DRM free (more $$) music it won’t increase music adoption much. Oh well I’m just an end user, what do I know?

In other news I’m thinking about biting the bullet and getting an iPhone. I just wonder if it really is going to be worth it. I’ve recently been switching from my Treo 650 to the Blackberry 8800 and I must say what little I’ved use of the blackberry, I do like it!.. Only time can tell if I will like the iPhone afterall!