Diving This Weekend

A little more than a month ago I decided to sign up for the Dive Master class. We’ve completed just about all the confined water dives and this weekend we are going out to Point Dume (in Malibu) to start our open water dives. At least I think we are going there both days – for sure on Saturday, not positive about Sunday. Anyways it should be fun to get back to the sea. It’s been about a month since I was diving last and with the temperature close to the mid 90’s it will be a relief to be in the nice cool water.

So far I’m really enjoying the class. There’s a lot more work involved, but I feel the greater amount of information is definately worth the work. Besides it will be fun to lead people instead of always being the follower! The delimma I blogged about earlier of whether to do Dive Master or Master Scuba Diver seems to be pretty irrelevant now. Our instructors actually told us that with the amount of dives and specialties we will be accomplishing, we will be qualified for the Master Scuba Diver level and merely need to submit the paperwork to get the certification!

Needless to say I’m excitied for this weekend. It will be a long and tiring weekend, but it’s better to enjoy it than waste it sleeping!!!