Fires in Southern California

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks, you know that Southern California has had a few wildfires to deal with. While I haven’t had to worry about fires near my place, it has been a cause for concern, considering how quickly the wind can spread the problem. There are fires in Malibu (which just happens to be where I do most of my Scuba Diving), Santa Clarita, Irvine, San Diego, etc. There are also some smaller fires in places like Ventura. While we were able to avoid the damaging fires, we did get some smoke. I took a few pictures from outside the house on one of the worst days. The air around us is a hazy brown – it was dark enough to block a majority of the sun – add a small amount of ash floating around and you’ve got the only snow I’ve ever seen in SoCal! I do know a few people who were evacuated and many more that were a bit scared. Makes for a good beginning to Halloween!