Backing up DVDs… (No really!)

I’ve decided to start backing up my DVDs to an external drive because I often come across DVDs that are scratched or broken somehow. Not to mention the fact they take up space and the last time I moved I had to devote one of the largest boxes I had to carrying them.

The biggest downside is having to worry about the drive crashing and wiping out all the movies I own, but for now I’m just backing up the DVDs I’ve burned. I guess if they do get wiped out I can just renting them again from Netflix! Having said that there are a few other hurdles I’m going to have to jump through to make this work. The more difficult process will come when I need to backup non-burned DVDs because, one they aren’t compressed; two they have encryption; three they will probably require a different backup software program (other than Roxio) and four some are HD DVDs. Assuming I get passed all these areas and don’t mind burning on Demand (could take up to an hour to make), I may have just solved a big problem!

I wonder how this will all work once I get Windows Home Server…? If you haven’t seen it, check it out below: