Black Friday

I know I wasn’t the only one out early on Black Friday. I stood in line with quite a few people that day, but I did managed to get a few good deals. Sure some of the lines didn’t pay off (everything I wanted was already gone), but those that did pay off did so extremely well. I managed to get an Internal 750GB SATA2 drive for $250 (same price as the cheapest places online, but I didn’t have pay for shipping or wait for it). I found an Internal 300GB SATA2 drive for $50, external 500GB drive for $99, plus smaller goodies like 2GB Flash drive for $12, 2GB SD Memory cards for $12, 100 Packs of DVDs and CDs for around $12 and some possible Christmas Gifts.

Overall I would have to say it was a fun adventure. This was my first Black Friday and although I could have found the same deals with a little patience and a lot of scouring on the internet it was fun. I would be careful about doing it next year, only because the best prices are on the big “door buster” items like TVs and Laptops and if you don’t need them you can sleep in a little longer!