I was checking out Dell’s website yesterday for their high-end gaming systems and someone posted a comment that their high-end system was remarkable but couldn’t play CRYSIS fully. Apparently this game has such stringent gaming requirements that even the best of the best gaming systems can’t competely render all the images in perfect quality, despite changing your seetings. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen this for the 360 and apparently its soo stringent that only PCs can play it.

A few hours alter I went to Alienware’s website to check out their computers and noticed the game was on Display next to one of their computers. Needless to say this new game has got me a little hyped and I’m tempted to buy it and try to play it on my laptop. (Mind you I have 2GB of Memory, 2Ghz Core Duo 2 processor and a 512MB graphics card on my laptop). I just want to see what the “hype” is about.

If I can find it cheaply on eBay it might be worth it!