Project Management Cert and the PMP

I’m more than halfway through my Leadership and Human Management class, the fourth in six for my Project Management Certifcation from UCLA Extension. I’m planning on knocking out the last two classes next quarter so I can be done with it. My coworker Aaron mentioned his wife Jesse is interested in taking the cram session through UCLA for PMP and I told him to tell her I’d be interested in going to the same class. The sad thing is, I can’t tell if the classes have been worth it. I’ve learned some things, most of which I can’t recall at this point and I’m hoping that as I study for the PMP it will all come back and actually aid in my taking and passing of the exam. The point of taking the classes was to prepare myself for the Project Management Professional certification. I believe once I get that experience / certification I will be on my way to become a better manager and leader and of course making more money!