MBA Programs

I was checking the prices for “good” MBA programs today online and maybe I’ve had delusions of grandier but WOW is it EXPENSIVE! Executive MBA programs, which are designed to let you work and go to school part time range from $100k to $200k, while traditional full time MBA programs run about $80k to $150k – including Cal, which is about $35k per year, not including living expenses.

I wish I had someone to bounce these ideas off of like Dr. Meeks or even Isaac – someone who could give me an idea of what I should look for in an MBA program. Perhaps I should focus on scoring well on the GMAT before I think to hard about the schools! I don’t see any reason to get an MBA from a crappy school like Northridge or SF State (no offense to myself). Besides I need to focus on getting my PMP and becoming a Scuba Instructor first!