NYC with Markus

About two weeks ago I was in the middle of my vacation visiting Markus in New York City while he was on Spring Break. I booked the round trip flight on Jet Blue for less than $250 and because Teresa lives on 24th and Broadway, in the heart of Manhattan, I had a free place to stay. The trade off to a free place to stay was sleeping on the floor and having to deal with their “love scuffles” but it was worth it! I flew out Friday the 20th, so I could avoid traffic etc, and flew back into Burbank airport on Saturday. In the end I had a ton of fun and I even have trouble remembering all the things I saw. Markus and I covered most of Manhattan through walking and subway routes. The first three days we probably walked 15 miles, hitting Chinatown, Washington Squre Park, Greenwhich Village, The East Village, Tudor City, and a number of places that I can’t name. I purchased some Lacoste cologne in Chinatown and then had Marky return it to Sephora for the real thing. I had also considered getting a Movado watch on the streets but eventually decided against it. It’s amazing all the crap people sell on the streets!

Over the next few days we scoured more of the city, eating a ton of food and going to a few Knick’s games at Madison Square Garden. I even took a day and went down to Broad street where Conversive’s New York offices are and we all went out for a nice lunch. We hit up the Natural History museum, saw 30 Rock, Time Square, Radio City Music Hall, the rebuilding at the World Trade Center, walked central park and saw Belvedere Castle (It looks better from far away) and walked the Brooklyn Bridge. I belive it was on Wednesday, Markus and I took the Bolt bus to Boston, did a “duck tour” through Historical Boston then went to Harvard and MIT to shop and relax in his dorm room. Kate and I were supposed to meet up but she bailed, so Markus and I headed out to Cheers so I could do a little shopping and then hopped on the Chinatown bus back to NYC in the middle of the night.

I took almost 500 pictures in total including the day we spent in Boston and the half of day we spent visting Vik, Mona and Jay in New Jersey. I had a lot of fun visting friends and walking the city. It sure is a different life, but one that might be worth seeing firsthand! I’m not sure I could or would want to afford the $2400 tiny studio that Teresa has, but it would sure be an adventure!