Rescue Class in the Morning

I’m helping Heather out with a Rescue class tomorrow morning at Coral Beach. I love rescue classes and I get to use my new tanks. I purchased two aluminum 80 tanks – one bright red, the other bright blue and I have yet to use them! I haven’t been diving a lot, it just hasn’t been on the list of things to do.

Speaking of diving, I need to download / sync my Vytec and my computer so I have all my latest dives recorded. I also want to write a review of the Vytec on MyTechFetish so I can then post it on Amazon. I’m going to order the new Suunto Vyper Air when it becomes available and then sell my old Vytec to Ryan – it will give him a nice break and allow me to essentially pay nothing for the computer.

I’m contemplating taking a Nitrox and Drysuit class. I’ll probably wait for a while, at least until I have my housing situation settled!