Less Than Half

“Less Than Half” was the last thing I heard Jer say.. It sounded good.

I wrote in an hour space on my calendar called blog time so I would take the time to blog personally. Occasionally I blog for MyTechFetish but I want to make sure I’ve got my personal reflections down so I can see how I change over time.

Side Note: Right now I’m at work and I just watched Roger Federer loose the US Open to Juan Martin Del Potro – that’s just crazy!

Anyways I haven’t been in keeping with my blogging so I’m going to try a bit harder.I just put in my final assignment for my project management class. I didn’t devote as much time as I should have and because of that I will end up with a B in that class. That kind of sucks. I just reminded myself to email the course director and tell her I’ve completed my enrollment and should be given my “certificate”. Done.

I started going to Paradise Cove recently (2 or 3 weekends in a row) with Ryan, Jeny, her brother Tony and some of their other friends but I had to bail early on a few occasions to get home and get home work done. I really like going to Paradise Cove to relax on the beach because they allow you to bring your own beer or if you don’t want to they have a bar less than 10 paces away! The downside to PC is it’s a bit on the expensive side because it costs $25 to park all day, unless you park up on the street and then walk down. I was having fun up until the last time I was there when Ryan’s buddy Ryan hit me from behind as I was about to throw a football and when I got off the ground I had two chipped teeth. That kind of ruined my day. Regardless, I got them fixed the next day and now it’s really nothing to worry about.

Chilling at the beach just about every week, including one of the weeks I was there, was Detra. She was with her bro, her brother’s fiancee and her daughter; I went bowling this last saturday with Detra and Alyssia which was fun. Next weekend it’s all about San Diego / Mission Beach and diving the Ruby E and the Yukon. I probably won’t be back to PC for a few more weeks.

Ryan is getting married sometime next year, although I can’t remember the exact date. I was hoping he’d have the ceremony in Hawaii but it looks like it will be much closer for familia reasons. As I look at my calendar I’m noticing a number of friends have upcoming birthdays. I also see that Pajaro Dunes is coming up next month around this time. I’m hoping I can go down for a few days so I can relax, read and get some blogging done!

That’s all for now!