Beautiful Nightmare…

Our basketball team seems to be getting better and better, for the last two weeks we’ve lost by less than 10 points each time. I’d say that’s progress compared to the prior teams where we were killed by more than 20 points! I enjoy playing but I’ve really go to improve. Last game I scored no points and had 5 turnovers in the first few minutes. I just need to practice daily after working out, get my shot and form down, then I’ll be more confident when driving to the hoop!

I’m in the process of configuring my new super powerful desktop computer as I migrate away from my old laptop configuration. My new ultra light laptop, a macbook air, coupled with my new super powerful desktop, a dell xps8000, I’m all set for computer equipment for the next few years. This is all happening in the nick of time as my old laptop’s battery is officially dead and I’d been having problems with it’s wireless card. Hopefully it holds together long enough for me to sell it. Now I just need to finish configuring everything, remove the 250GB drive from my old laptop (I recently put that drive in) and put it into an external casing for use with my new macbook air. Then I can sell the old laptop, my old mac mini and this brand new 18.5″ monitor that came with my new desktop.

The past few weeks have been interesting. My dive computer died so I ordered a kit but it got shipped to my old address. I got a call two days ago from my old place and they found it so now I just need to install it. Heather ordered and I received my new dive float and dive bags. I’m still waiting on my new dive computer and lights. I also need to find a better, more convienant way to store it. Last weekend I had to reorganize our storage closet because there is so much crap in it! In fact I should probably just take my Tahoe’s rear seats back to my parents house when I go for Christmas. I don’t see myself ever using them. Jack was here two weeks ago so I arranged for him, myself, Jesse, Aaron and Amy to do indoor skydiving at iFly Hollywood on CityWalk. It was soo much fun that I’ve got to go back before I actually jump out of a plane! In fact the next thing we should do when Jack comes out is rock climbing. They have a facility in Westlake which I noticed for the first time last weekend, where you can scale large rocks of varying difficulty.

The weekend prior to indoor skydiving I drove up mid-day Friday to Pajaro Dunes and visited with the family for their last week at House 92. It was fun as usual except this time, after we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, we got to go through 17-mile drive. I’d been waiting a long time to do that and I got some decent pictures.

If I can get my computer up and running I might be able to get in a dive or two this weekend. Detra and I are supposed to see Michael Jackson’s This Is It on Friday and I’m a little iffy but Praveen, Eric and I might be heading to Vegas this weekend for Halloween. Otherwise I have no costume and no plans. Last year I went to Dave and Kathy’s with Heather but that really wasn’t much fun. Oh well. Back to work.