Spearfishing: The best way to fish

People ask me all the time why I love spearfishing so much, and my answer is simply this…..Try it for yourself. Spearfishing to me is the most personal and spiritual way you can take what the sea has to offer and still be responsible. To me there is no other way to connect better to the sea than spearfishing, next to surfing of course.

There are THREE different ways to spearfish:

1) Standing on either coral or any other rock formation
2) S.C.U.B.A.
3) And lastly, my favorite and most popular….FREEDIVING.

Freediving in my mind is the best way to hunt your ocean prey. The reason for this is that you don’t give off any bubbles when your under the water, therefore not scaring any little fishies away. Not to mention you don’t have any bulky equipment keeping you from being agile underwater. While scuba lets you stay under for a longer time, you run the risk of scaring the fish you are hunting.
When I spearfish/hunt I like to use the HAWAIIAN SLING due to the challenge. The sling is the more traditional way to hunt, variations of the sling have been used since the beginning of spearfishing. The first ever used were regular Spears made of many different kinds of wood with bone spikes or wooden carved spikes.