Cool Diving Accessories

Like most sports the scuba diving industry offers their participants a lot of options in terms of diving accessories. Most stores only stock the “practical items” and we wouldn’t expect them to carry everything under the sun but a quick search on the Google machine will turn up these wonderful gadgets including safety devices, propulsion, storage, entertainment, etc. Here are some of my favorite cool diving accessories:

Spare Air

This line of redundant air sources is incredibly expensive for what you get, nevertheless I’ve always wanted to dive into a pool with one and see how well it works. The website claims the 3 cu. ft. model, which runs for $299, contains enough air for 57 breaths at the surface. That means at between 33-66ft range, where most dives occur, you’ll get about 20-30 breaths – theoretically. It’s good to be safe and I’m sure this unit fits on to any BC rather nicely but at $300 it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

It looks like Amazon has the Spare Air for only $200 as of this posting!

Dive Alert Plus

I like the idea behind the Dive Alert Plus: you can toggle the noisemaker to work above the surface or under the water. Most professional divers are required to carry a signaling device in case of emergencies (like a dive sausage). This device goes one step further by easily allowing divers to sound the safety alarm while floating on the surface or under water. Anyone who has tried to make a loud / noticeable sound under water knows the difficulty in that.

While the Dive Alert wouldn’t necessarily replace a professional divers signaling device (like a safety sausage), it only enhances it’s effect. Safety being the key for all divers makes this $80 device (less than $70 through Amazon) a good addition.

Pelican 0450 Mobile Tool Chest

OK, so this isn’t just for diving or diving equipment; as someone who lives in an apartment and has trouble finding a way to store my tools it seems like an excellent idea just in general. A mobile tool chest with drawers of varying size and depth. I wonder why Craftsman hasn’t figured this one out? Pelican is renowned for it’s cases (this one was designed for the military) which are built with high quality materials, a lifetime guarantee and for being expensive.

From what I can tell it’s an excellently designed, well crafted, portable tool chest with a large, expandable handle that can organize diving equipment plus all the tools that normally belong in a tool chest. It’s just a shame the list price for this tool chest is $800 with drawers otherwise it might make it into my possession.

Southwest Public Safety has this item for $499 with drawers but it also lists the size of the tool chest at 23.95″ x 14.75″ x 17.95″ (L x W x D). That means this $500-$800 tool chest isn’t much bigger than Pelican’s 1610 which retails for $230 or much smaller than Pelican’s 1630 which retails for about $300.

Citizen Eco-Drive Depth Meter Chronograph

Like the Pelican 0450 Mobile tool case, this diving accessory is more for on-shore usage. This watch doesn’t need a battery to power itself, has a depth display to 125 feet, is water resistant to 666 feet and just plainly looks badass. I’m not as into watches as Ryan is but even this thing has me trying to find cheaper places to buy it. The watch retails for $700 unless you get it online for around $500.