Talking about..

Tonight is our second round of playoffs for our Tuesday basketball league and we face the same team that started our 0-3 loosing streak. Last Tuesday was the first round of playoffs and our first win since playing this team. Assuming we have a substitute tonight, I play decent and we don’t get fucked over by refs, we should be able to win and head into the championship next week. Good times.

Yesterday I purchased tickets for the girl and I to see Garth Brooks at the Wynn in Las Vegas in mid July. It should be awesome! I tried buying tickets about a month ago when the next round of tickets became available but they sold out soo quickly that I was left holding my own. Fortunately (or perhaps because it was planned this way) I got an email from Wynn regarding tickets (good thing I signed up for the mailing list). They had some “exclusive” package / offer where you could purchase tickets if you stayed at the hotel. Garth Brooks in July, here we come!

Last Saturday was the debut of the iPad which has brought a lot of excitment to the computer world. I have to admit I’m a bit excited and cautious about how I want to proceed. As I discussed last night with Jeremey as we shoot hoops I’m always scared to buy Apple products because I’m just waiting for them to fuck me. The iPad is an amazing device but it is such a closed environment that I’m concerned about getting in too deep with Apple. Sure I own an iPhone, which I have only purchased a few paid apps; I get my music from my Zune Subscription which I then rip the DRM off of. Also I tend to rent movies via netflix and then rip them to my hard drive instead of paying Apple more $$$ for proprietary format video clips. I’d like the option to read books on a portable device, I just don’t want to be stuck into another Apple proprietary format. Sunday was Easter so I didn’t do much besides talk to the family. Sarah and I tried to finish out belay test at BoulderDash but the hippies closed the place!

The weekend before last was much busier. While the girl was up north visiting her parents I spent all day Saturday handwaxing and detailing the Tahoe for the first time in I don’t know how long. The prior week saw some work on the Tahoe including fixes to the Power Steering column and a new rear passanger window motor. I don’t want to have to buy a new Tahoe or other vehicle for a few more years so I need to make the Tahoe last a while longer. Saturday was literally spent cleaning the Tahoe – from mid day to sundown. Sunday was just as busy but in a different way. I got in my first dive of the year at the Club dive on Malibu Road. This was the first time I dove in the ocean with my new equipment and with a borrowed camera from Carlson. David Carlson is still out from diving thanks to his many back surgerys. The dive was awesome, although on the second dive I nearly flooded the entire camera unit!

After the dive I went to Sports Chalet, refilled my tanks, went back home, showered, changed and picked up Dave. Then Oelsen, Dave and I headed to Candice’s in Beverly Hills to pick her up and headed for her birthday happy hour at Pink Taco. It was good times all around; Candice spotted David Faustino when we were leaving the Century City Mall. Go figure!

During that week when I had the Tahoe worked on for my power steering problem, Bill and Jack were out. Bill for 2 days and Jack for his normal 3.5 days. Bill gave me my review where I asked for a title bumped and expanded role in the company. We’ll see how that progresses. Jack, Sarah and I ended up taking the belay class at BoulderDash which was a ton of fun, if only more people could have gone. The past few weekends before this had been relatively quiet.