The Scuba Show 2010

Ryan and I have hit up the Scuba Show for the last few years at the Long Beach Convention Center. This year the Scuba Show is happening May 15th and 16th at the same place: the Long Beach Convention Center. Every now and again we find something interesting in the sea of vendors trying to get you to visit their dive resorts or buy their gear. One of the vendors I ran into last year was selling a burial at sea package. When you die, you are cremated and put in a ceramic pot that will rebuild a reef somewhere. Crazy! There were some other more normal vendors like I got to talk to the gentleman who founded body glove and as always Ryan and I found Ocean Reef and checked out their full face masks. Most of the big vendors have a booth and with some very nice sales.

For the admission price of $12, it’s definitely worth a few hours out of your day.