SeaLife DC1200 Elite camera set

Over the last year or so I’ve been wanting to try my hand at underwater digital photography so when the opportunity presented itself I borrowed a setup from a buddy. He had a nice Olympus 770 SW with housing and a Sea Strobe-S90 that wasn’t getting much use, so I took it on a few dives.

Check out the pictures I took by going to my Scuba Flickr collection. (You can also find this link on my page above.) Note: I’m still learning so the photos aren’t great and haven’t been edited at all.

Borrowing his camera was enough to get me hooked. I had to find my own camera setup (camera, housing, strobe, etc.) that would take nice pictures and not break the bank. I saw an advertisement in Sport Diver Magazine, did my research and then played with the demo camera at the Dive Show in Long Beach about a month ago. Last week, convinced this camera setup would work, I ordered my first underwater digital camera set the SeaLife DC1200 Elite. (Just my luck it was backordered, so I’ll have it in 3 weeks!)

I chose the SeaLife DC1200 Elite camera set because it comes with a 12 megapixel camera, housing, strobe, lens and a soft case. When I ordered I also got a diffuser for the strobe and an extra battery to boot. Check out the SeaLife DC1200 Elite camera set’s features. Here’s a picture:

I’m hoping digital photography will bring new experiences to my “dive life” as I look for more subtleties in the layout of my dive sites. My camera won’t be arriving for weeks so I’ve got plenty of time to ponder where and when to break her in! I’ll post further reviews once I’ve got it.

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