UK AquaSun eLED light

The Underwater Kinetics AquaSun eLED rechargeable light is my dive light of choice these days. A rechargeable light with at least 2 hours of battery life using a special dual LED system, it comes in at 825 lumens making it one of the brighest lights under the water. It’s built tougher than previous UK lights, has high and low power settings and of course has the changeable grips.

Since UK gives you the options of two grips: the “pistol” as seen above and the “latern”, I choose the “latern” grip so I could carry it more like a cannister. It’s not completely obvious but to install a grip, slide it on the track and tighten the long screw that is inside the handle to secure it.

My previous dive light was a UK Light Cannon 100 which runs at 450 lumens. Initially I was worried about using a rechargeable system, that it wouldn’t be available when I’d need it but that hasn’t been the situation at all. Now I can’t see myself without it. Maybe someday I will replace it with a Canister light or at least make it an addition to.

Updated 9/29/2011:

I’m still liking the AquaSun but I’ve found when doing consecutive dives over multiple days it can be a real pain to own a light that needs to be recharged. Going on a single day of boat diving? Not a problem. Diving wrecks for two days means you have to remember to charge it overnight or watch it die in the water. I’m also not sure how long the power pack will last but it’s been a year so far!

Anyone else have a different experience?

Updated 9/9/2012:

I’ve written an updated post on the AquaSun eLED where I talk more about its faults / problems over the long run of owning it.

  • I flooded this light just recently and I sent it back to Underwater Kinetics for warranty repair, hoping they could fix it. Instead UK replaced it within a month, no charges, no problems. Gotta love ’em!