Scuba Reviews / Scuba Refreshers

A few times a month I work with certified SCUBA Divers through Sports Chalet that have been out of the water for a while or have gotten a little rusty and are looking to refresh their skills. Most often times this occurs a few weeks before a vacation or trip where the person plans to dive. Other times this occurs just out of a desire to maintain skills. These “Scuba Reviews” (official PADI name) or “Scuba Refreshers” are fairly common and a great way for divers to review (tune-up) all the skills they learned in their Open Water class.

Typically about 2-3 hours they involve classroom and pool work. The book work (in class) includes identifying equipment, safety procedures, using your RDP to plan dives and other basic knowledge. The classroom work typically takes around 45 minutes depending on the student. If students want to prepare ahead of class time, most dive shops like Sports Chalet, offer a “Scuba Review” guide.

The pool work involves a number of confined Open Water skills like setting up your gear, deep water entries, clearing a mask, and regulator recovery to name a few. With each skill you review why it’s important and the main points for completing it successfully. This typically takes around 2 hours, again depending on the student and how comfortable he or she is performing the skills.

You can read more about Scuba Review’s at here. Looks like PADI also offers a “Scuba Tune-Up” online here.

If you have any questions feel free to email me or comment below.