Week of 7/19

Not a very good title, oh well.

The Girl, Jack, Ellen (Chad’s wife) and I just finished a trip to TSNY and it was a blast! The only downside to trapeze is the back side of my knees are all torn up from the grip on the bar. It hurts a little but not too bad. Yesterday we lost our 1st Tuesday league playoff game so I think we are done, which is good considering I’m now working with David Carlson for his Rescue class.

Speaking of Scuba diving I have two new items to report: I’m putting in an order for new Xpert Zoom Z23 fins tomorrow and yesterday, before my playoff game, I took (and hopefully passed) my Nitrox exam. Since David didn’t have the answer sheet I couldn’t get my score but I figure I did well – enough to pass, maybe not enough to impress. Now I just need to turn in my homework and learn how to check a tank and I’m certified for Nitrox! Then it will be time for a Drysuit speciality.

My left knee / left leg has been hurting me for the past few weeks and hasn’t gotten any better. I wonder if I’ve pulled a muscle or if all the basketball / running / impact is finally catching up with me? I’m going to try and hit the jacuzzi here every other day and hope that helps. Meanwhile I’ve been training my body to wake up at 7am every morning so I can hit the gym for a good muscle workout before work. I believe I can succeed I just need to organize a good workout plan and I’ll be set!

The Girl and I got back Sunday a few hours before my Sunday basketball game (which we won!) from Vegas and the Garth Brooks concert. All I can say is wow Garth is an amazing performer and singer! I purchased his Double Live album while we were at the Wynn along with a mug for myself and Aunt Jan and a keychain for Miss. I also found and purchased Garth Brook’s DVD set on eBay for cheap so I could see his other performances.

We rented a car to drive to Vegas to save the Tahoe 700 miles and save myself some gas. When I got back home 2.5 days later the Tahoe’s battery was completely dead. Which makes sense since it starts so hard when it starts cold. Now I just need to figure out what is draining the battery and how to stop it. I don’t want to have to charge my battery on a weekly basis. I hope the Google machine has an answer. Or maybe Wm. Morris Chevrolet does.