Love the way you Lie

I need to get this blog post written down so I can start working on the reports release again. My deadline is today but I don’t think that really means anything. Now that I’m thinking of things to do today: I need to run to the bank, to the dry cleaners to get my new jeans altered, and I want to go to Sears before the end of the day.

Tomorrow I have a Scuba Review @ 10 and from there I plan to head home do some reading / cleaning. On Sunday the Girl and I are going out with Eric and Patrick for a dive on Eric’s boat which should be fun. My girl doesn’t dive but we need someone topside while the rest of us dive. Sunday night we are having dinner with Heather, whom I haven’t seen in a while.

Two days ago, Wednesday, the girl and I drove to Burbank to go on the Lopez Tonight show to see Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny. Aside from the waiting around in the heat it was pretty fun experience. We sat right up front and when George Lopez came out he rubbed my hair; I got a free copy of Madden 11 when he threw a copy into the audience and we got to see a great performance by Lynyrd Skynryd (I hope I spelled that correctly). We also got tickets for the next Skynyrd show (which was on Thursday) but we decided against going.

Dad got an iPhone 4 last week so I’ve been having fun face timing with him.

While I was in the process for renewing my Men’s Health Subsription, I signed up for Men’s Heath’s Personal Trainer system online, so we’ll see how good that is. I also ordered Men’s Health’s Eat This Not That book because it was priced well. The problem is I have soo many books that I want to read, I just don’t dedicate enough time to get them done.

I keep considering going back to school. I feel like I’m not really learning anything and I want to change that. Maybe if I read a book a week I wouldn’t feel this way but I don’t.

I took the Tahoe in on Monday to have the rear passenger door window looked at. Six months after I had the motor replaced it stopped working again. It looks like the regulator that attaches to the motor failed, so Wm. L. Morris Chevrolet replaced it for me for free – if they hadn’t I would have been pissed.