Tiny boy, little boy, baby boy..

Ahh, I can’t wait for It’s Always Sunny to come back in September. The Nightman Cometh is an awesome episode and I can’t wait to see what’s up next.

As of today I have resolved the claim by the Secretary of State. It turns out the mailing was just a reminder and that BIS has officially been dissolved as of 2010. That means I should be ok from 2010 on. I also got all my paperwork into the EOB so I should be ok with that paperwork as well. It will take about 30 days before I get a response on my excise tax judgment. Oh and I called WF HSA yesterday about my HSA closure and it only took a few minutes before someone picked up. I was able to process the closure of my Health Savings account and possibly get a few service fees reversed. Good times!

Tuesday I shipped off two iPhone 3G’s, some power Ethernet adapters, and some other stuff that I sold on eBay. (Speaking of selling the Ethernet adapters, I should really create a blog post about those.) After I pay Aaron for selling his iPhone I anticipate that I will have pulled in about $340 from my auctions. I plan to list a few more items this weekend including the company’s old MacMini and hopefully I can make a few more bucks.

Once I’ve confirmed arrival of the phones I’m going to buy the Xbox 360 Slim from Target using a new website I found called the Earn More Mall through Wells Fargo. Using this Earn More Mall I’ll earn 4x the points I would normally on my WF credit card purchase. I should also pick up the new Madden 11 game since it’s my favorite. When the new 360 arrives I and then sell my old Xbox 360, Madden 10, HD DVD Player, etc. on eBay for one hundred dollars or so. With the money from the sale of my old 360, my Wells Fargo $100 rewards check, my $100 Google Adsense check and the auction money I will consider purchasing one of the new Kindle 3’s or maybe a used Kindle 2.

Then again, maybe I should save some of the money and then buy an iPad. Is it worth spending $100 bucks on a Kindle just to read books or drop $500 on a media consuming device? I’ll probably stick to the Kindle and save the rest of the money!

Next week Jack’s MacBook Pro will arrive and I can pretend to play with a new laptop for a month or so before he get’s out here. Good times.

I rebalanced my portfolio this week picking up INTC and XOM for my IRA and pulled money out of the Buffalo small cap growth and Goldman Sachs growth funds to move them into a bond fund that is more stable in my 401k. I’ve watched my net assets fluctuate too much these past few months as the stock market has moved sideways.