Parents Visit

The ‘rents came to town yesterday for their first visit in a few years. I guess work has been so slow for Dad that he figured it was a good time for a road trip to visit the “kid”. They met me at work and then we headed to the Griffith Observatory. The Observatory was a little disapointing as there wasn’t much to do. The museum was small and since we didn’t pay to go to a show in the planatarium it wasn’t much. From Griffith Park we headed into downtown LA, then drove through Hollywood, West Hollywood, down through Rodeo drive and out to Santa Monica. We reached the 3rd Street Prominade in time for dinner. We got back to my place around 8 or so.

Today the Girl and I joined Mom, Dad, Miss for another excursion to LA. We headed to Marina Del Ray, then to Venice to see the canals and Venice Beach. We scooted over to La Brea to view the tar pits and then breifly went through LACMA.

Good times. Tomorrow we’ll have breakfast before they head back to Stockton. Then around noon I’m going to the Pacific Explorers Holiday Party and then I’ll come back and begin studying for my Real Estate Final.