eBay rating of 500

Today I’ve got rather cool and round number of 500 as my feedback rating on eBay. What does that mean? Well… that I’ve spent and sold way too much shit on eBay. Mind you that’s not 500 completed auctions it’s probably closer to 600 or 650 since not everyone is nice and leaves feedback. My score breaks down into 1/3 left by sellers (stuff I’ve purchased) and 2/3 left by buyers (stuff I’ve sold). For the 500 feedback mark I get a purple star. Once I get another 500 I get a different colored star. A red star. Yay.

I’ve been an eBay member since 1999, so I guess I signed up in high school. I don’t think I really starting using the service heavily until I was in college so maybe it will only take another 5 years to get to 1000 feedback.