First Nitrox Dive

I’ve been Nitrox certified for a while now, I’ve just never dove on it. For the Nitrox certification you read a book, take a test and prove that you can use an Nitrox Analyzer to check your tank mix and plan your dive. Since there is no dive required for the certification so it’s been on my to do list for a while.

Many people dive Nitrox because the higher oxygen count, 32% instead of 21%, leaves them feeling more energetic at the end of a dive. It presents some concerns with oxygen toxicity and limits the depths you can go but besides that most people I’ve talked to recommend it. Nitrox does require a different tank, has special stickers on the tanks and can be harder to fill because they require special compressors which aren’t as ubiquitous as normal air compressors.

So I went to out El Pescador state Beach in Malibu this weekend and did my first Nitrox Dive. What did I think? Um.. the jury’s still out. I didn’t notice anything different about a Nitrox dive and a regular oxygen dive. Physically I’m in good shape, I don’t ever feel out of breath or have a lack of energy at the end of a dive and so, at least for this dive I didn’t see any benefit.

Maybe I just need to dive it a few more times?