No more Sport Diver digital subscription

When you become a certified diver through PADI you’ll have the option to pay to join the PADI Diving Society. The most visible benefits is a subscription to Sport Diver magazine (10 magazines per year). You can choose between the paper or the digital subscription and naturally being a tech guy I went for the digital subscription.

When it was time for the month’s issue I got an email saying my digital subscription was available… on Zinio. Zinio is one of the more popular publishing platforms available today. The problem is as a user you can only view the published material through one of Zinio’s applications for your iPad, online or by downloading the Zinio desktop application. I don’t have an iPad and I don’t like reading digital magazines on the computer. When I do read digital publications I do it on my Kindle which as of right now is not supported or I put it on whatever device I want at the time.

This is the problem with most digital media right now, you can’t get it the way you want it. Since I can’t view Sport Diver the way I like I’m just going to switch back to the paper subscription. At least this way, maybe I’ll read it. Which way do / would you consume Sport Diver?

  • This point is moot since I purchased an iPad and can run the Zinio app on it!