Virgin Oceanic

Richard Branson the billionaire and adventurer who own’s the Virgin Group announced a week or so ago of a new project / division in the empire called Virgin Oceanic. Virgin Oceanic will attempt to dive all 5 different oceans in a custom built personal submarine. For more information you can check out the site at Virgin

While the site doesn’t have any real pictures (only crappy digital markups) of the personal submarine they intend to use, you can check out the Virgin Oceanic Flickr stream for a few glimpses:

While I’ve blogged about Richard Branson’s other personal submarine called the Necker Nymph which you can use when you rent out his island resort, this time it looks like a quasi publicity-scientific research opportunity. He is probably just using the Virgin name to fund the research but it looks pretty cool. If the Virgin Oceanic sub can withstand the pressure of the Challenger Deep which is almost 37,000ft deep then maybe one person submarines will become more popular and more economical.