Scuba et al…

Last week I did one Scuba Review and I’ve got another (once I call the guy). Last saturday I was on a boat dive with Patrick and Todd for their small open water class which, aside from the cold outside temperature, was a day full of good diving. The first scuba review of this year was the first time I was back in the water after my bone graph and this boat trip was my first ocean dive since then. All went well!

I’ve been trying to cook more at home which requires a bit of time commitment, not just to plan the meals, buy the groceries but also to cook the items. I did a slow cooker on Sunday that turned out pretty well. I’ve also been trying to cut out all sugar drinks from my diet which I’ve done with minimal success.

Yesterday was our first basketball game since the end of the last league. I played like shit and my feet are tore up. Plus we lost. 0 for 3 – personally. We start the season 0-1 but we didn’t have 2 or 3 of our big guys and it just reinforces the fact that I need to practice a whole lot more. The guys have been trained for years how to break down the basketball court and see where things are supposed to happen. While I don’t have that vision it can be frustrating at best.

A few weeks ago I signed up for Action Alerts PLUS to help manage my finances. The markets have been getting killed the last 6 weeks but I figured it was probably a good idea to get into the game and start holding someone accountable for my investment performance! I mean how else will I be able to buy another investment home.

Two weekends ago was the Scuba Show in Long Beach. Ryan and I went out to the LBC for the day, hit the scuba show for an hour and a half and then went to the Aquarium of the Pacific. First off the AotP is cheap, probably $25 but wow is it small. Of course this is compared to the Monterey Bay Aquarium which is where my family and I have gone for years so maybe that’s not a fair assessment. Ryan and Jenny left last Friday for Hawaii and Ryan seems intent on getting back into Scuba soon. Hopefully that will happen.

What else has happened this week? Kate came into town for her Father’s wedding last weekend at Sherwood Country Club. Got to meet up with her for a few minutes during my lunch break, which was nice. I hadn’t seen her in years.