Corral Beach

Vernon called me up Wednesday morning sick and asked if I could fill in for him on Carlson’s OW class (7 students) so I jumped in the pool for dives 4 and 5 on Wednesday. We’re at Corral Beach tomorrow morning to dive and on Sunday on the Spectre (dive boat) so we can get them finished. I’ve also got a birthday party to go tomorrow after the beach dives.

I was hoping to get some other things done this weekend but that’s not gonna happen. Got my AC somewhat “fixed” so now it’s at least putting out cold air. Last weekend was crazy warm in my apartment, I’m talking about 88 degrees during the day and 85 at night. That’s the type of heat that just ends up eating away all of your energy and your weekend.

Hopefully this new release will be done by next week / ready to ship. Then I can start playing with Selenium 2.0, which came out today. I want to see how I can get Selenium Remote Control up and running on a windows machine to help me do some automated functional testing!