G.divers Full Face Mask by Ocean Reef

I’ve talked about Ocean Reef’s Neptune Predator Full Face Mask before but just recently I saw an advertisement for G.divers Full Face mask and I decided to do a little more research.

G.diver’s is supposed to be a new higher performance, better looking full face mask line from Ocean Reef. Turns out these masks not only look better (via photos online) but are also cheap, at least in comparison. For roughly $600 you can get a full face mask instead of the normal $1500-$2000. That makes things a little more affordable.

Here’s a video on the new G.diver system:

The website is a little disappointing in it’s recommendation to use a full face mask. They say, why not? Sure, OK. But really why choose a full face mask, which now costs $600, instead of a regular mask which costs $60? Assuming you don’t pay to put in a communication system I wonder what benefits a full face mask offers over your standard setup?

I’ve put in an email to Ocean Reef’s G.diver’s line about the possibility of a special order. I hope they respond!