Lightship Lithograph / Print from Kennedy Space Center

When I was in Florida a few months ago I hit up the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. I’m not usually one for buying souvenirs but on the wall they had this really cool print of a space shuttle taking off that I wanted. It was $65 and I didn’t want to fly home with it so I figured I’d just wait and hopefully be able to find it online.

The print is called Lightship and I snapped a photo with my iPhone while in the gift shop:


It took some time searching their website and calling their order line to find it (I got a nice lady who did some research and called back with the online location). It’s called the Lightship (a lithograph) by Atilla Hejja. You can find it here: I just ordered it and in 5 weeks I should have it. Yay!