Service and Repair Time

I was diving Old Marineland (aka Terranea Resort) yesterday in Ranch Palos Verdes when someone pointed out they just had two plastic buckles replaced on their Balance BCD. I decided to look at my BCD, also a Balance, and I noticed the same plastic tri-load buckle was broken on mine. I quickly jury rigged a fix using zip ties:

If your BCD is under warranty AquaLung will replace the plastic tri-load buckles for free or for $30 they will upgrade you to the new metal buckles. It seems as though the new version of the AquaLung Balance BCD (by Sea Quest) comes with metal Tri-Load buckles already:
Needless to say my BCD is out of commission for a few weeks. I took the opportunity to get my tanks Vis’d. I have two aluminum 80 cylinder’s that were past their 1 year annual visualization inspection so the shop has them as well.
Since I’ll be using rental gear for the next week or two I figured I should probably get my regulator serviced. I’ve had it for a few years now and am trying to follow the guideline of getting it serviced every 2 years or 200 dives. In the middle of the busy summer dive season it’s time for a little service and repair.