Going back to School


When I originally read the Lifehacker article “Should I Go Back to School” it caught my attention because I had been bouncing the idea back and forth in my head. I’ve always been interested in business and would like to learn everything that an MBA student learns but I don’t necessarily want to spend the money or have the time. The school would have to be good enough (have a big enough name) and then I would probably have to do a part-time, maybe online, program.

Thanks to reading Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar by James Bach, I’m also at a point where I want to follow my mind – not force myself to learn something I don’t think I’ll benefit from or have a need for. (That’s part of what school is). It can be beneficial just not to me right now.

I’d also like to get my Masters in Computer Sciences. It could be fun to re-learn to program / become more technically capable and it would be cheaper (I’d go to a local school) but I still don’t think I have the time.

This is all just rambling. I don’t have any concise feelings on the subject which is part of the problem. Eventually I may get some motivation to do something but right now I don’t. =(