Jellyfish as a Pet – With the Jellyfish Tank

Even before last week’s dive where I came across a large Jellyfish in Redondo I’d wanted a Jellyfish as a pet. They just seem so simple, minimalistic and unique as far as pets go. My coworker turned me on to a project on Kickstarter where someone has invented this Jellyfish tank:

You can order the Jellyfish Tank through Kickstarter for $350 which includes the tank, salt, pump, etc. – everything to get the tank up and running. It also includes a $50 voucher towards Jellyfish Art’s “Beginner Package” which includes 3 live Jellyfish and 6 months worth of food which one could assume means for a complete working set you’ll drop about $450. Not bad for a supposedly easy to setup salt water tank for Jellyfish. (Looks like Jellyfish Art is the company behind the tank. They did custom tank work before inventing this out of the box tank.)