Lobster Season 2011 starts Saturday October 1st

In case you hadn’t heard Lobster Season 2011 starts Saturday October 1st, 2011. Up for grabs are up to 7 California Spiny Lobsters per day (the legal limit). Try to wait until you get to the surface to eat yours:

(David Carlson couldn’t wait to eat)
This year there are a few changes: 
  • Fishing licenses have gone digital so there’s nothing for a diver to carry. 
  • Lobster cards are still required but they look more like a very very long printed receipt using the same system as your fishing license. Keep it with you at all times and remember to fill it out before you get ni the water.
Lastly, remember diver’s get a 1 week advantage before the commercial fishermen come in and grab everything. Make sure you get your share!