Create your own Padi eCard

I was just notified by PADI that it’s time to renew my membership. One of the privileges of renewal is supposed to be the ability to unlock this “revolutionary” certification card PADI is calling an eCard. Here’s the PADI Surface Interval (aka press release) on the eCard.

I just need to download the PADI iPhone app and if I renew, I’ll get access to a free “eCard” section. Oooooh.

The good news is you don’t have to pay PADI anything to create your own eCard. I mean how revolutionary is this idea? Not revolutionary at all, in fact its just a logical extension of today’s digital age coming to the scuba industry (and as I’ve said before the scuba industry is always behind). Here’s how you can create your own PADI eCard:

  1. Find your highest level Certification Card (C-Card)
  2. Take a Picture of the Front and Back with your camera on your phone
  3. Done!
  4. You can even create a separate pictures folder for your cert cards if you prefer
  5. I’d recommend taking pictures of a few cards besides your highest level like Enriched Air, Dry Suit and EFR

The purpose of the card (or in this case eCard) is proof you’re certified so you can rent tanks, dry suits, equipment, etc. Now you can refer to the pictures on your phone as proof. It’s faster than pulling up an app and doesn’t require an internet connection. Welcome to 2008 PADI (that’s the year the Apple App Store launched)!