2012 IDC Crewpack

For 2012 PADI is going to change the materials found in the IDC Crewpack by adding the Prescriptive Lesson Guides as stated on the PADI Instructor News blog.

I start my IDC in January (wahoo!) but I know from experience trying to find an accurate and up to date PADI IDC crewpack was difficult. (I’m having that problem now with the EFR crewpack). I don’t know from past experience how often the crewpacks are updated but it seems like a single store could easily accumulate several versions and sell someone out of date items – especially slates!

Regardless I posted a comment which might be approved that said something like:

I’d like to see a mostly / all digital version of the IDC Crewpack at at reduced price or with more materials. The lesson guides, instructor manuals, exams, DVDs, etc. can all be put on a flash drive – no binder required. You’d still need the physical cue cards but even the application forms could be digital. $500 for a Crewpack seems a bit expensive for the amount of materials you get. Essentially we are paying $350 for a sticker.

I’d like to add digital products are easier / less costly to update. If you had a flash drive in the IDC Crewpack and it became out of date, PADI could recall the packs and simply update the flash drive (along with the slates). PADI could also throw in some other value like the Recreational Encyclopedia of Diving or something to that affect.