Not quite 16 Reasons to Go Pro

The Dive Guru posted in September last year 16, actually 15, reasons Go Pro or to become a professional scuba diver. In PADI terms this means Divemaster or higher.
While I agree with a number of the 15 statements (the 16th reason is a fill in the blank) I responded with:

Additional income shouldn’t be a reason to GoPro. You won’t get much additional income, in fact you’ll more than likely loose money by becoming a pro. (Hence the tax write-off portion, although depending on your local laws this may or may not work.) Essentially you’ll be disappointed if you join for the money.

My favorite things are meeting new dive buddies and learning to become a Scuba Guru. The free boat rides are nice and the deals on equipment can be killer but still don’t justify it [I should add doesn’t justify the time commitment].

The time you spend in the water as a Pro isn’t the same as by yourself / with your own buddies learning the sites since you are worried about compeleting skills, the safety of students, etc. Professional divers should always set aside fun diving from “work” diving otherwise they run the risk of burning out.

[Besides] I like to think of Scuba Diving as the closest thing I’ll ever come to experiencing Space Exploration. =)

PADI might approve the comment but regardless I think it’s best to be realistic with becoming a professional scuba diver. Don’t promise the world and not deliver. =)