Import Complete

I found this great WordPress plugin that imported all of my Posterous blog posts in less than 10 minutes. It took quite a bit longer to go through all my posts, re-categorize them and make minor changes but it was worth it. I’ve been randomly blogging since 2006 and on Posterous since 2010 which means I’ve got 4 years more years hidden elsewhere. I know where the posts are, on my Home Server. There’s probably no reason to migrate them over.

The Girls coworkers are all psych’d about a weight loss competition at work which has me thinking I need to get back into working out again. I stopped working out when I started my Open Water Instructor course and only in the last few weeks have I returned. Yet my return has been random and sporadic. Starting tomorrow I’m back on my workout plan, hoping to gain some mass in the next 3 months!