Bionic Six and GoBots

When I was young there were two shows I’d watch regularly: the Bionic Six and GoBots. I don’t know how I got introduced to them or why I liked them but when I was in the hospital recovering I wasn’t able to watch them so to cheer me up my parents would buy me the toys.

When I left the hospital the toys just disappeared so later in life I decided to collect them. Although I do collect some toys, a large collection just doesn’t fit so I really only have these two:

Madame-O from Bionic Six and Cop-Tur from Gobots:

You can still find these toys in collectible form on eBay but they are expensive! According to my Toys & Prices 2010 guide mint in package Madame O is from 1986 is worth about $10. Weird it doesn’t have anything on the Go Bots.