Boxing and Kickboxing

A month or so ago the girl found a deal on Groupon for a gym called Bodies in Motion and purchased two so we could work out together. I already belong to 24 Hour so I wasn’t sure what benefit it would provide until we got a tour of the place and found they offer Kickboxing and Boxing classes. Never one to shy away from a sport the next day we tried kickboxing.

The gym is setup with large bags tethered to the floor and ground. Jason was the teacher and for the next 45 minutes I got my ass kicked. The class is awesome. Warmups in include running, stretching, lunges, squats, push ups and other equally menacing exercises – the kind that remind you of high school football. Once the class started it was high paced and it took less than 20 minutes for my arms and shoulders to feel like they were on fire. Yes!

A few days later I was back looking for some more pain so I jumped in on a boxing class. I figured I’d get to workout my shoulders again only this time I’d get help with my punching form.

The warmups for boxing weren’t as bad as kickboxing and the instructor helped me understand the form a little better (not bad for a group class). Pace was quick like kickboxing. I was happy towards the end of boxing because my arms and shoulders weren’t on fire as much as they had been for kickboxing but less than halfway through the core workouts and I was done. The core workouts had lots of leg work, crunches, bicycle kicks, lifts, push ups, and other exercises that I wasn’t strong enough for. Can’t wait to go back!