Comic Book and Comic Card Frames

A year or so ago I started going through my collection of comics, comic cards, collectible toys, etc. from my childhood. They had been sitting at my parents house in their attic since I boxed them up and I felt it was time to go through and decide if any items were worth keeping.

I collected a ton of items over the years, I stored them as best as I knew how and as an adult I’ve got to determine what’s next. Do I store them? Sell them? I started with scouring the internet to find their values and a majority of the time the valuations were less than the price of the comic! Talk about a bad investment. However a few of the comics I had like the Amazing Spider-man and Uncanny X-Men had relatively high valuations. A few like Silver Hawks and X-Men have value to me.

I figured the adult thing to do was to turn them into art and so I followed this article on the Ikea Comic Book Photo Frame Hack to frame my comics. Here’s how they look now on my wall:

Aside from the bad photo (lighting / iPhone camera) I think the framing turned out well. Now my next problem is what do I do with my comic cards? I haven’t seen very many examples of people framing them, then again I haven’t even determined if they have any value (to me or someone else).

Comic cards are different. Most of the cards are part of large sets (100+ cards) which makes them harder to showcase, or at least larger to showcase. What should I do?