Nitrogen Concentration Levels

After a weekend doing wreck diving in San Diego on the Lois Ann (fun boat) I can’t help but wonder if there is such a thing as a dangerous level of nitrogen concentration in a person?

My dive computer of choice is the Suunto Vyper Air and one of the things it measures is the concentration of nitrogen that builds up in my tissues over my dives. I haven’t looked at what it is for my 2 days of 2 dives at Wreck Alley in SD on the Yukon but with consuming Air it probably is high. In order to get that metric you need to download your dives to your computer – which I hate doing.

The Vyper Air has a far more accurate recording of my dive profile than any table will, like the kind found in a standard dive log or RDP table, but it made me think about the existence of some “table” (it doesn’t actually have to be a prescribed table) on the effects (hazards) of a nitrogen tissue buildup.

Anyone ideas?