UK AquaSun eLED light review update

Back in 2010 I wrote that I was diving with UK’s AquaSun eLED dive light and I enjoyed the light. Well it’s 2012, I’m still using the light but I’m a little more aware of it’s downsides.

First I don’t like the rechargeable battery, mainly because it requires taking the light apart far more often than if it was a group of batteries. This has caused pain as I’ve now flooded the light twice. As I noted in the comments on my first post the first time I sent it back to UK and they were happy to replace the entire unit, the second time I just threw away the rechargeable battery and with an adapter now use C batteries.

The way the light is designed when the contact for the bulb touches any battery it creates a slow drain, in order to stop the drain there is a little paper piece that acts as a switch. Using regular batteries you still have the same problem, you don’t have to recharge them but you still need a switch to stop the current.

I’m writing this so people understand the risk of owning the AquaSun.

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